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New Regulation on Charge back

Dear our valued Members,

Thank you for continuously promoting Thanks AI’s products and supporting our activities.

There are some cases that the payment is not allowed to be settled, usually because the card holder requests their card company to do so. Therefore, payment cannot be received for the product(s) ordered and already delivered to members.

In such a case, we will contact the member as well as his or her sponsor to solve the case.
However, if the member and / or sponsor cannot be contacted by us, which results in the charge back being unsolved, the membership of the member will be cancelled.
Hence, the member will lose all membership rights, including purchasing products and receiving bonus.

This regulation will be applied from September 1st, 2018. Please kindly be noted.

                                                              Thanks and Best Regards

                                                             Thanks AI

[Attention] Beware of Counterfeits

Dear our valued Members,

With the Internet boom in recent years, it’s getting easier and easier to buy and sell products among individuals. On the other hand, troubles in trading in such a way are on the rise.

Aware of this concern, in order to ensure product quality, Thanks AI does not accept any sales method other than direct purchase from Thanks AI company by registered members.

In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, please purchase Thanks AI products by our regulated purchase method.

Various risks are hidden in transactions on the Internet. Below are some reports sent to Thanks AI by users:

  1. Expiration date has passed

It has been reported that products that have already expired were sold to users.

Meanwhile, Thanks AI sets strict regulation that products close to the expiration date must not be sold out.

  1. Product deterioration due to improper storage conditions

There are reports that due to bad storage condition, products were deteriorated by the time of delivery.

Thanks AI products are stored appropriately in the warehouse of Liveon, which is our affiliated company.

Therefore, please be noted that we cannot guarantee adequate quality for any products delivered from any warehouse other than Liveon.

  • Heartful Essence Ai stored in bad condition

  • Hybrid Mineral Ai stored in bad condition

  1. Seller cannot be contacted after the purchase

Thanks AI has received some reports that after completing purchase procedure, users did not receive the products and could not contact with the sellers, which means they were deceived.

Whereas, with Thanks AI, it’s safe because members can check the delivery status on the website.

  1. Fake products








There are reports from overseas that some products are advertised as if they were made by Thanks AI. However, the products delivered to users are actually fake ones with bad quality.

In addition to such problems, some malicious distributors and/or phishing websites exist for the purpose of obtaining and exploiting personal information at the time customers purchase products.

Please be aware that cheap products are bought at the expense of many risks.

Please purchase products from official websites of Thanks AI.

                                                                      Thanks and Best Regards,

                                                                     Thanks AI

Improvement on Thanks AI’s global website

Dear our valued Members,

In an effort to make our global website ( more informative, significant improvement has been made to the site.

Such pages as Material, Product and Shopping have been added to the site.

Moreover, most content can be seen in 11 languages.

We are making continuous effort to bring the most effective and the best service to our Members.

Please visit and experience the difference.

                                                                                   Thanks and Best Regards,

                                                                                                         THANKS AI

Application Conditions of Money Track and MasterCard Prepaid Card

Dear our valued Members,

Currently, Payoneer and Prepaid card issuers have specific List of sanctioned countries for card application.

Regarding Payoneer, members from the following 11 countries cannot apply for Money Track debit card:
• Canada
• China
• Cuba
• India
• Iran
• Iraq
• South and North Korea
• Myanmar
• Sudan
• Syria

Regarding MasterCard Prepaid Card, its payment service is not provided to the countries sanctioned by the UN.

Therefore, among the 11 countries aforementioned:
– Members from Canada, China and South Korea, please apply for MasterCard Prepaid Card.
– Members from Cuba, Iran and Iraq cannot apply for MasterCard Prepaid Card.
– Members from Myanmar, India, Sudan and Syria can apply for MasterCard Prepaid Card but may have some difficulties being accepted depending on the financial background.

Please be updated about the situation via or the News on

                                                                             Thanks and Best Regards,           

                                                                                        THANKS AI                                                                                        

System Maintenance (July 4, 2018)

Thank you for continuously promoting Thanks AI’s products and supporting our activities.

Please kindly be informed that we will perform system maintenance with the following content:

· Implementation date: July 4, 2018 (Wednesday)
· Time: 16:00 ~ 19:00 JST
During the maintenance, approximately 03 hours, the credit card change/deletion function is inaccessible.

Maintenance content
· System maintenance (Security update)

Target service
· Back office> Registration information> Register/ Change credit card information

For any registration/ change of credit card information, please proceed after the maintenance.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Extension of Joyfil Half Package Present Campaign

Dear our valued Members,

Thank you for continuously promoting Thanks AI’s products and supporting our activities.

With the expectation that Members would not miss the chance to experience our brilliant new product – Joyfil, we are pleased to announce on the extension of “Joyfil Half Package Present” campaign.
For every 01 box of Joyfil (15 sheets x 2 bags) purchased, 01 more Joyfil half package (15 sheets x 1 bag) would be given as present.
Hurry up and buy! Replenish the cartilage and lead a comfortable and care-free life!

From July 01st, 2018 (Sunday) to July 31st, 2018 (Tuesday)

Subject: Japanese members and NFR members

Campaign content:
In the campaign period, for every 01 box of Joyfil (15 sheets x 2 bags) purchased, member will get 01 Joyfil half package (15 sheets x 1 bag) as present.

About product:
Joyfil – a supplement containing non-denatured type II collagen;
Quantity : 15 sheets × 2 bags
PV         : 12,000 PV
Price      : USD200 for initial purchase; USD100 for repeat purchase

– Please be aware that present is given only to those who purchase Joyfil. Other Thanks AI products are not applicable to this campaign.
– During the campaign period, Joyfil half-package present will be automatically added to your order when purchasing one box of Joyfil.
Therefore, there is no need to choose the present at the time of purchase.
– Present is not eligible for PV.
– Only the orders placed in July are the subject of this campaign.

                                                                                          Thanks and Best Regards,

                                                                                                     THANKS AI