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Advance in Wound care

Wound healing gets harder as we age. Unlike children, it takes much longer for wounds to heal because our body’s capacity to preserve the skin declines gradually as we get older. So what can we do about it while aging is inevitable?

Good news!

Recent studies have discovered that Proteoglycans can facilitate our wound healing process. They stimulate growth factors in our body that support the repair of damaged skin.

But did you know that in the past this miracle compound was unaffordable to most of us?

One gram of Proteoglycan used to cost JPY 33 million equal to approximately USD 300 thousands.

Luckily, thanks to Mr. Yoshiaki Kudo of Biomatic Japan, the extraction time was reduced from 3 days to 1,5 hours improving overall extraction purity from 20% to 90%, and dramatically reducing the cost.

It is now used exclusively by Thanks AI to produce PROFIL.

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Final 2 days of Attack Chance campaign

Dear Valued Members,

Please allow us to remind you that our Attack Chance campaign will end soon at 12 AM Japan Standard Time on April 30th, 2021.

Have you been able to seize this chance to increase this month income?

If you have not, it is still not too late. However, please be hurry since the clock is ticking and the opportunity will only last for 2 more days.

Thank you & best regards,
NFR Customer Service

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Holiday of NFR Customer Services in May 2021

Dear Valued Members,

We would like to inform you that NFR Customer Services will be off on the 3rd and 4th of May 2021.

We will resume our regular hour from May 5th,2021.

Should you need any support, you are more than welcome to contact us before or after the holiday.

Thank you for continuously promoting Thanks AI’s products and supporting our activities.

Thank you and Best regards.
NFR Customer Services

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Attack chance campaign is underway!

Dear Valued Members,

Do you remember that Thanks AI makes a special offer to our members in this April – the Attack chance campaign?

We are about half-way through the campaign. That means you still have 15 days more to be able to increase the upper limit of Balance Bonus amount and add significant amount of extra money to your account.

※The campaign details can be found in our NFR website or by following the below URL

Attack Chance Campaign in April 2021

Don’t miss it! Last day on April 30th, 2021.

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Attack Chance Campaign in April 2021

We are pleased to announce the comeback of Attack Chance campaign this year.

Please refer to the below details:

• Target month: April (April 1st – April 30th)
• Content: In the target month of Attack Chance Campaign, add more boxes for each rank of the Balance Bonus.
• By increasing the number of target boxes, the upper limit of Balance Bonus amount increases, resulting in the increase of total commission.

***Attack Chance Campaign’s Balance Bonus Table***

* To receive the bonus, you need to purchase 12,000 PV (1 box) or more in the month.
* The normal Balance bonus is applicable except for the campaign target months.

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1. Presentation PDF-Joyfil-FAQ

2. Presentation PDF-Joyfil-Certificate_IS_UK

3. Presentation PDF-JOYFIL-Certificate_IC_UK

4. Presentation PDF-JOYFIL_Main Ingredients

5. Presentation PDF-JOYFIL


1. Presentation PDF- Perfect mineral AI liquid Virus Inactivation test result-English

2. Presentation PDF- Perfect mineral AI liquid Virus Inactivation test result-Japanese

3. Presenatation PDF-Perfect Mineral AI-Certificate_IC_UK

4. Presenation PDF-Perfect Mineral AI_Certificate_IS_UK


1. Presentation PDF-Perfect-Mineral-AI-powder-English

2. Presentation PPT-Perfect-Mineral-AI-powder-PPT-English


1. Presenation PDF-Perfect__Hybrid_Mineral_AI _FAQ_

2. Presenation PPT-Perfect_Mineral_AI_-_Hybrid


1. Presentation FAQ_-_Profil

2. Presentation PDF-PROFIL-Certificate_IC_UK

3. Presentation PDF-Profil-Certificate_IS_UK

4. Presentation PDF-Profil-English

5. Presentation PPT-Profil-English


Presentation PDF-JoeGenEx_EN


1. Presentation PDF- CANEAL-English

2. Presentation PDF- CANEAL-FAQ

3. Presentation PPT- CANEAL-English


1. Presentation PDF-Kawaii_Essence_AI-FAQ

2. Presentation-Kawaii Essence AI


Presentation PDF-Proteoglycan


Presentation-Plant based Mineral

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